7 types of shoes all women must have on their rack

Tired of getting blisters? Perhaps, it’s time to diversify your shoe rack with a TOMS women's loafer. Or, any pair that fits the event you’re planning to attend. Now, regardless of the shoe type you’re buying first, the key here to invest in high-quality shoes you can wear for the appropriate event.


TOMS women's loafer



Having a high-quality pair of these shoes is better than having hundreds of similarly designed heels:

1. Slip on loafer

Loafers are one of the essential pairs for women. They are comfortable, but they don’t compromise beauty. For lighter events where you won’t run or sprint, but would still need comfort, you can wear loafers. In particular, whether you’re planning to walk to the city library or stroll on the nearby beach, you can rely on the best loafer for women, TOMS.

2. Pumps

To the shorties who love to party out there, you must have one good pair of pumps, at least. Pumps never go out of style since they have a fun and feminine design. You may opt for 3-inch pumps if you and your girls are planning to hit the club this Friday. Just make sure there’s an adequate allowance, for your maximum comfort while dancing.

3. Sneakers

When it comes to comfort, this is the only type of shoe that can compete against loafers like the TOMS women’s loafer. Nevertheless, these days, people don’t only wear sneakers for comfort. They have become the hottest fashion item that avid collectors even have a name—“sneakerheads”.

4. Kitten heels

Ideal for formal and semi-formal events, the kitten heels are classy but comfortable pairs. They are the best choice for executives or tweens who want “training heels”. They are not too demanding on the soles because of their barely-there heels, but they still possess the sexy appeal of their taller sisters, the stilettos.

5. Knee-high boots

From Kim Kardashian to Cardi B, knee-high boots have circulated the celebrity fashion world for a while now—and surprisingly, they stood the test of time! Knee-high boots bring a different kind of sexy to any wearer. Pair them with a dress, skirt, or a leather trench coat—and you’ve got an A-style ensemble that’s hard to beat.

6. Ankle strap shoes

For those chill afternoons that you want to spend on the mall or on the park, you can rely on the adorable ankle strap shoes. Ankle strap shoes are stylish and versatile pairs you can wear with jeans, short skirts, or A-line dresses. They are viable for daily use, too.

7. Stilettos

Finally, stilettos are the prime choice for the tall women or the brave short women who want to stand out at any event. And because they will require commitment, patience, and self-confidence, you should never go cheap. If you can invest in a well-known brand for quality, then go for it. Stilettos are the best choice for weddings, corporate parties, and even first dates.

In conclusion…

Always choose quality over quantity. What’s the use of dozens of heels if you can’t use one for an occasion? Therefore, invest in a diverse set of shoes.

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