Ace Your Shooting Skills with a Scope

Are you new to shooting? You need more than a rifle or a handgun to be good at it. It pays to invest in accessories such as a Vortex red dot scope.

What Is a Scope?

A scope is a sighting device you attach to a rifle. Today, though, you can already find one that suits smaller ammo such as a handgun.

It is different from the standard sights since this one provides you with magnification. It then makes aiming your target more accurate.

It works similarly as a spyglass or a telescope and features the following parts:

  • Lenses
  • Tube
  • Reticle

A scope can have many lenses, but two of the most important ones are ocular and objective.

The objective lens is the one you see at the front of the scope or the tube. Its purpose is to focus the image, which is your target, by gathering the light the surrounds it.

The ocular lens is the one closer to the eye. Some people also call it the eyepiece.

The reticle is the crosshair line. It gives you a more precise measurement or distance of your target with its surroundings and from your location.

How to Choose a Scope

Scopes these days provide different designs and features. You can find one that matches your hunting or shooting levels, goals, and skills.

To help you pick the right scope, ask the following questions:

1. What Are You Trying to Shoot?

Usually, scopes are better suited for shooting activities that demand patience, such as hunting. They are also ideal when you’re practice shooting.

If you want to hunt, you need to determine whether you’re eyeing a big game or a small game. A big game includes wild dogs and foxes. Small ones can be rabbits or pigeons.

When you want to hunt for big games, you don’t need the most powerful scope, which can also be the most expensive. This is because the size of your target works to your advantage.

2. How Much Magnification Do You Need?

A scope can have different magnifications, which are expressed as numbers with the letter x (12x). The figure indicates how many times larger the image will appear.

Some scopes have a fixed magnification, which means you can no longer adjust it. Others have variable magnification. If you’re not planning to change targets, then a fixed magnification will do.

A variable-magnification scope may be great if your targets differ, or you want to know the most comfortable magnification for you.

3. How Do You Want to Aim at Your Target?

Besides magnification, scopes can help you improve your aim and fire. This is because of additional features such as a red dot or a laser.

As its name suggests, a Vortex red dot scope will create a red dot on your target. It is simpler and less conspicuous than a laser beam.

3. When Do You Plan to Shoot?

An ATN day night scope is perfect when you want to be more flexible with your shooting schedule. However, many types of game are nocturnal.

You may then have to use a night vision scope. It uses thermal imaging so you can see your target well even in low-light or dark environments.

Stores such as The Barn carry different kinds of scopes including Vortex red dot scope. They can also offer you more tips when shopping for such a device.

The three questions above, though, should already give you some idea about the best ATN Australia scope for your needs.