Australia is among safest place for air travel in 2018. Here’s how they did it

According to a recent report by the Canadian-based International Air Transport Association (IATA), air travel to and from Australia ranked among the safest in the world in 2018. How did they actually do it? The answer is simple: by getting the best electronic components Australia has to offer.


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Prioritizing safety

Virgin Australia and Qantas were rated using a seven-star rating system to determine the safest airlines in the world. Also included in the list were Air New Zealand, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Lufthansa, and Emirates, among others. Clearly, airline companies only get the best when acquiring electronic components Australia has right now.

Safety should not be compromised by all means. Getting the best parts and electronic equipment lessens the chance of having accidents while flying. One of the reasons why Australia maintains a good aviation record is they don’t settle for anything less. Getting the best parts and accessories for flight systems are non-negotiable.

When it comes to aviation safety, a lot of factors can be considered such as human error, weather condition, engine performance, and equipment quality. Incidents such as bad weather or pilot miscalculation can be unavoidable sometimes. However, for cases such as engine failure and equipment malfunctioning, it can, fortunately, be avoided through a thorough inspection, regular maintenance and getting only the best electronic components Australia has today.

Where to get good parts and equipment?

Rhombus Technologies Australia has been supplying the aviation industry with systems solutions for Data Recording, Flight Test and Data Processing, RF Environment Simulation and RF Signal Collection requirements for over three decades now. They have also partnered with the IT industry to source hard-to-find electronic components in Australia.

Rhombus Technologies Australia treats their clients and partners as family members so they make sure every part and accessories they manufacture, big or small, are the best quality in the industry. After all, the flight test requirements need to be among the world’s bests since hardware and software are crucial for successful air travel.

The good thing about it is they can also supply in other parts of the world and they are not limited to flight components. Rhombus Technologies Australia is also a reliable source for RF/Microwave/MMW components and sub-systems to greater than 400 GHz.

Other companies such as Comtech PST also get their electronic parts and equipment such as Radar Amplifiers, and IFF Amplifiers from Rhombus Technologies. They can be used to manufacture highly technical items such as military communication amplifiers or as simple as common laboratory amplifiers.

Crane Aerospace and Electronics, Lorch Microwave, Cytec Corp, Hill Engineering, and Techcomm Inc, among others, are also regular customers. Local companies can now buy electronic components Australia has to offer without the need to look abroad.

Passengers can afford to have peace of mind knowing they will be flying safely every single time. Private or public companies in Australia or abroad are fortunate enough to buy electronic components from Rhombus Technologies to address their different needs.

For those interested to partner with Rhombus Technologies Australia, please visit for more information. Take pride and comfort knowing that in Australia electronic components are plenty and available from Rhombus Technologies.