Will deliver to home

There are a lot of people who are particular about ingredients because they want their families to eat good food.
In particular, the taste of rice is completely different depending on the type, and I would like to choose a good one if possible. For example, Koshihikari.
But what if there are few types of rice grain stores nearby to handle?

At that time, there is no problem if you purchase by mail order etc!
Now you can easily buy new rice Koshihikari, and you can order other ingredients together.
For example, how about crabs at this time?
If it is for crab pots, ordering crabs that are already boiled should make shopping very easy.

If there is a large supermarket nearby, let’s say that everything is ready.
But the amount you can carry for a single purchase is not a big deal.
Especially, rice is heavy and it is difficult to carry even 5 kg.
If there is someone who can help me, the story is different, but that doesn’t mean that …

That’s why if you use mail order well, even Koshihikari’s new rice can easily be obtained as a delicious crab.
For those who screamed to carry 5 kg of Koshihikari, mail order should be a strong ally