Your guide to buying ceiling speakers for your home

JBL Pro is one of the most revered brands in the industry. However, you shouldn’t just browse online and select their ceiling speakers impulsively.

Below are bits of info to help you make an informed buying decision.

Purchasing ceiling speakers

If your house has limited space, ceiling-mounted speakers are ideal for you. Yet where should you acquire them? Should you shop in stores or order online?

Here’s a suggestion: you really ought to pay attention to your colleagues’ viewpoints. Probably they know the vital elements of buying speakers like the JBL Pro ceiling speakers.

Stopping by appliance outlets will also help you know about the right models.

Why get ceiling audio speakers?

  • No fuss with cables – With other sorts of speakers, you will have to fret about annoying, long cords. Clearly, ceiling-mounted, integrated, as well as wireless speakers are no fuss when it concerns wirings. In addition, you will not stress over somebody tripping over those cables.
  • Easy to set up – One-storey homes these days generally come with ceiling cavities. These will give you with adequate area for your JBL Pro ceiling speakers. Therefore, it’s extremely easy to set up these babies. You can also go DIY!
  • Obstacle-free – With wall-mounted or bookshelf speakers, you might need to move frames or rearrange furniture on your walls to place them correctly. In contrast, ceiling speakers are obstacle-free.
  • Budget-friendly yet top quality – Ceiling-mounted speakers are more affordable compared to bookshelf speakers. If you order a low-costing yet state-of-the-art speaker, you’ll have extra money to get other cool add-ons.

Basic specifications

You do not have to learn about sound engineering when acquiring a JBL Pro speaker, for instance. Nonetheless, knowing the following specifications will assist you to get the best ceiling speakers:

  • Watts – If you wish for a much better result, then you would certainly require getting ceiling-mounted audio speakers that have a greater number of Watts.
  • Chauffeurs – Drivers are the parts that generate high-frequency noises (Tweeters) and bass (Woofers). Pros suggest integrating extra drivers to improve the noise.
  • Hertz – If you desire a heavier bass, then select speakers with lowered varieties of Hertz.

Home theatre system

If the sound is crucial for you, buying a complete home theatre system with five audio speakers is the far better option. Always consider the opportunity of getting a home theatre system in the future before purchasing ceiling speakers.

Our suggestion if you’re getting a home theatre system is getting the JBL Pro speakers, for example, specifically the Control 200 Series – Medium-Format Ceiling Speakers.

Parts to add

  • Subwoofers – These does the job better if you include a speaker for lower regularities, even though the speakers don’t truly need them. Additionally, remember to use ceiling-mounted speakers with subwoofers. Don’t utilize the latter with standalone speakers as it may screw up your hearing.
  • Portable centre channel speaker – If you already have a theatre system, you can bring in a compact centre channel speaker. This can be put over your TV.

Regardless of the speaker type you prefer, tonal harmony is necessary. It brings a great listening experience.

In a nutshell…

Remember: you should pick the ceiling speakers that match your needs. Never choose any kind of speakers that are low-cost however sub-par.

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